Welcome to Talk Business. This free resource is aimed at helping small businesses make strategic decisions about how much time and money to invest in their internet presence. It includes an interactive tool for calculating the return on investment of a website or social media campaign.

You can also download a free PDF handbook on web strategies for small business owners, based on the content of this website.

The project addresses the dearth of information on how small business owners should make strategic financial decisions regarding their websites and social media channels. Key questions include:

  1. How do you value the return on investment of your website or social media campaign?
  2. Is there an interactive tool for calculating return on investment, specifically for internet investments?
  3. Are there alternative ways of valuing investments in the internet?
  4. How do you make strategic decisions about which internet channels to invest in? How do you decide if you should invest your limited resources in an interactive website, a Facebook page, Google Ads, or a Groupon deal?
  5. What different approaches can you take to internet investments, and how can you maximize their effectiveness?
  6. How do you calculate the value of a Facebook friend or Twitter follower to your business?
  7. What are the pitfalls of websites and social media for small businesses, and how do you avoid them?
  8. How do you develop a social media policy for your business?
  9. How often should you update your website and social media channels?
  10. What other questions should you ask before planning a website and social media strategy for your small business?

The information and advice given here are based on personal experience and on interviews with a range of small business owners. But all small businesses are unique and there are no easy answers when it comes to evaluating or planning a website or social media campaign. Adapt the tools, guidelines and advice to your needs.

This free resource was developed by Monica Guy as the capstone project of an MS in Interactive Media at Quinnipiac University.



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